Detact Group

Detact Diagnostics BV, Detact Medical BV and Detact Food BV make up the Detact Group. All companies have one thing in common: a fast, specific, sensitive, affordable and reliable method to detect harmful bacterial presence. Even though as humans we depend on bacteria on a daily basis, there are situations and places when and where we don’t want them. For instance, we want operating rooms to be clean, surgical implants to be free of bacteria and we don’t want harmful pathogens to spoil the food preparation industry.

In order to pro-actively prevent infections or food being spoiled, you need to be able to rely on fast, and objectifiable data that evaluates cleaning performances to establish if hygiene standards are met. The Detact Group has developed an innovative method to do just this, and of course patented it. With a simple method, and within 30 seconds, you can now detect the presence of harmful bacteria. For further information, please visit the company websites.